Actual Search & Replace 2.4.9 serial key or number

Actual Search & Replace 2.4.9 serial key or number

Actual Search & Replace 2.4.9 serial key or number

Actual Search & Replace 2.4.9 serial key or number


Configuring a Linux Server

This appendix provides access information and LUN setup information needed when you connect a Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array or Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA array to a server running the Linux operating system. For a list of supported adapters, refer to the release notes for your array.

Note - The RAID configuration examples in this appendix describe the steps required to access the controller firmware using Minicom.

This information supplements the configuration steps presented in this manual and covers the following topics:

  • Section G.1, Setting Up the Serial Port Connection
  • Section G.2, Accessing the Firmware Application From a Linux Server
  • Section G.3, Checking the Adapter BIOS
  • Section G.4, Multiple LUN Linux Configuration
  • Section G.5, Making an ext3 File System for Linux
  • Section G.6, Creating a File System
  • Section G.7, Creating a Mount Point and Mounting the File System Manually
  • Section G.8, Mounting the File System Automatically
  • Section G.9, Determining the Worldwide Name for Linux Hosts

G.1 Setting Up the Serial Port Connection

The RAID controller can be configured by means of a host system running a VT100 terminal emulation program or running a terminal emulation program such as Minicom.

Note - You can also monitor and configure a RAID array over an IP network with Sun StorEdge Configuration Service after you assign an IP address to the array. For details, see Section 4.10, Setting Up Out-of-Band Management Over Ethernet and refer to the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Configuration Service User's Guide.

To access the controller firmware through the serial port, perform the following steps:

1. Use a null modem cable to communicate via the serial port of the array.

Connect the serial null modem cable to the array and to ttyS0 (COM1), ttyS1 (COM2), ttyS2 (COM3), or ttyS3 (COM4).

Note - A DB9-to-DB25 serial cable adapter is included in your package contents for connecting the serial cable to a DB25 serial port on your host if you do not have a DB9 serial port.

2. Power on the array.

3. After the array is powered up, power on the Linux server and log in as (or become if you logged in as a user).

4. Open a terminal session and type:

Press Return. The setup menu is displayed, where you define which serial ports to use, baud rate, hand shake settings, and flow control.

5. Set serial port parameters on the server.

Set serial port parameters to:

  • 38,400 baud
  • 8 bit
  • 1 stop bit
  • No parity

a. At the configuration screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Serial Port Settings and press Return.

b. If A is not correct, press the letter and the cursor goes to line A.

c. Backspace and edit to select the correct serial port:

where x is the proper serial port connecting the server to the array.

After you edit the line, press Return and the cursor goes back to the line

d. If E is not correct, press the letter and the cursor goes to line E. Backspace and change the line to:

After you edit the line, press Return and the cursor goes back to the line

e. Set F to no. When pressing , toggle from yes to no.

f. Set G to no. When pressing , toggle from yes to no.

g. Press the Escape key to return to the configuration screen.

h. In the configuration menu, use the arrow keys to highlight "Save setup as dfl" and press Return.

A "configuration saved" confirmation message is displayed.

i. Highlight "Exit from Minicom" in the configuration menu, and press Return.

G.2 Accessing the Firmware Application From a Linux Server

After you have set the Minicom serial port parameters, use the Minicom utility to access the controller firmware with the following steps:

1. To start the Minicom program from the terminal window, type:

A pop-up window stating "Initializing Modem" is displayed. When initialization is complete, the following banner is displayed:

Welcome to Minicom 2.00.0 Options: History Buffer, F-Key Macros, Search History Buffer, I18n Compiled on Jun 23 2002, 16:14:20 Press "CTRL-A" Z for help on special keys.

2. Press Ctrl-L to connect to the array and access the firmware application.

3. In the main screen, choose Terminal (VT100 Mode) and view the RAID firmware Main Menu commands used to configure the array.

G.3 Checking the Adapter BIOS

When booting the server, watch for the HBA card BIOS message line to be displayed. Then press the proper sequence of keys to get into the HBA BIOS (<Alt-Q> for FC Qlogic HBAs).

The keystrokes are listed on the screen when the adapter is initializing. If your HBA has multiple interfaces on it, they will all show up in the main screen of the BIOS software. You must make the same changes on every interface unless one of the interfaces is going to be bootable.

After you enter the Qlogic HBA BIOS, perform the following steps.

1. If you have more than one interface, highlight the top interface listed under Adapter Type and press Return.

2. If you only have one interface, it is already highlighted; press Return.

3. Highlight Configuration Setting and press Return.

4. Highlight Host Adapter Settings and press Return.

5. Move down to Host Adapter BIOS and make sure it is enabled; if not, press the Return key and it toggles from disabled to enabled.

The setting should be enabled.

6. Press Escape and go back to Configuration Settings. Highlight Selectable Boot Settings and press Return.

This is where you can make the interface bootable or not bootable.

7. Highlight Select Boot Device. Press the Return key to toggle from disabled to enabled.

  • Select Disabled if this is not going to be a bootable device.
  • Select Enabled if this is going to be bootable device.

8. Press Escape until you get back to Configuration Settings.

9. Highlight Extended Firmware Settings and press Return.

10. On the Extended Firmware Settings menu, highlight Connection Option and press Return.

A screen lists three types of connection:

  • 0 - Loop only - - - - for connecting to loop type devices
  • 1 - Point to point only - - - - for connecting to fabric switches
  • 2 - Loop preferred, otherwise point to point

11. Select a connection type.

  • If you are connecting to a loop device, select and press Return.
  • If you are connecting to a fabric device or switch, select and press Return.

Do not select .

12. Press Escape until a screen is displayed that says "Configuration setting modified." Highlight Save changes and press Return.

13. Return to the Fast!UTIL Options. Highlight Scan Fibre Devices and press Return.

This menu option scans all 126 channels to see if there are any devices attached; the devices are displayed after the scan. If there are no devices attached, it takes some time to scan. If there are devices attached, the scan usually finds them right away.

14. If you are satisfied with the configuration, press Escape until you get to .

15. Highlight Exit Fast!UTIL and press Return.

A screen is displayed that says Exit Fast!UTIL.

16. Highlight Reboot System and press Return.

The server reboots.

G.4 Multiple LUN Linux Configuration

By default, the Linux kernel does not support multiple LUNs. To support multiple LUNs, modify the kernel with the following steps:

1. Log in as , or become a if you are logged in as a user.

2. Add this line to the end of the file and save the file:

3. At the system prompt, enter this command and press Return:

The 2.4.9-e.3 entries refer to the current kernel. To find out your current kernel, type and substitute your kernel information in place of the 2.4.9-e.3 entries.

4. Reboot the server.

  • To halt the server completely, use .
  • To reboot automatically after the shutdown is complete, use .

G.5 Making an ext3 File System for Linux

The following procedure for labeling and partitioning drives using applies to an ext3 file system. To discover which disk you want to label, you need to determine what device it is.

1. To list all devices and their paths, start a terminal session and type:

Record the device names and paths that you plan to use.

2. Type:

A banner is displayed for the specified array device. The last statement displays a prompt.

3. Type to display the menu.

4. On the displayed menu, select "n" for the command action and press Return.

Two choices are displayed:

e extended p primary partition (1-4)

Note - Only four primary partitions are allowed per array. All additional partitions must be added as extended LUNs under one primary partition. Only one primary partition is allowed to have extended LUNs.

5. For the first partition, select "p."

When several options appear, keep the defaults. You can reconfigure this after you understand the process and see what it looks like. Add additional primary partitions and extended partitions as needed.

6. After you have completed accepting the defaults and are back at the "Command (m or help):" screen, press W to save the configuration and exit .

Your partition is ready for a file system now.

G.6 Creating a File System

1. Log in as , or become if you are logged in as a user.

2. Take the device that you ran on and run the following command to create an ext3 file system:

where x is the partition on which you are creating a file system. Replace x with because there is only one partition.

G.7 Creating a Mount Point and Mounting the File System Manually

1. Go to the directory where you want to create a directory that will be the mount point. Then type the following command:

where name is the name of the new directory.

2. To mount your file system, type the following:


where x is 1 for this partition and the directory-path is the directory that was created and its location.

G.8 Mounting the File System Automatically

You can label the partition so that it can be entered in the file for mounting the partition automatically at bootup. The use of the label and file is a faster operation than mounting the file system manually with a device path.

1. Type the following command to add a label to the partition:


where x is 1 for this partition and directory-path is the directory that was created and its location.

2. Edit the file and add the following line:

3. Save the file.

4. To verify that was set up correctly, type:

If the mount point and the file are correctly set up, no errors are displayed.

5. To verify that the file system is mounted and list all mounted file systems, type:

6. To unmount the file system, type:

G.9 Determining the Worldwide Name for Linux Hosts

Before you can create host filters, you need to know the worldwide name (WWN) for the FC HBA that connects your host to your FC array.

1. Boot a specific host system and note the BIOS version and HBA card models connected to your host.

2. Access the HBA card's BIOS with the appropriate command (Alt-Q or Control-A are commonly used).

If the host has multiple HBA cards, select the card that is connected to the array.

3. Scan the card to look for devices attached to it (usually with the Scan Fibre Devices or the Fibre Disk Utility).

The node name (or similar label) is the WWN. The following example shows the node name for a Qlogic card.





Node Name

Port ID



QLA22xx Adapter




Refer to the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family RAID Firmware User's Guide for more information about creating host filters.

Copyright © 2004, Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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, Actual Search & Replace 2.4.9 serial key or number


3.1.0  – Release September, 03th 2020
* New: Tested up to WP 5.5.1
* Fix: Cloning fails if there is no table prefix underscore

3.0.9 – Release August, 28th 2020
* Fix: Login does not work with custom user role
* Fix: Can not login with custom user name

3.0.8 – Release August, 21th 2020
* Fix: Plugins are sometimes deleted on staging site after log in to admin dashboard
* Fix: Cloning multisite fails without any error message

3.0.6 – Release August, 15th 2020
* New: Support for WP 5.5
* New: Highlight table selection with blue background color to better differentiate if a table is selected or not

3.0.5 – Release July, 06th 2020
* New: Automatically recreate permalinks after pushing
* New: Don’t create wpstgbak_ tables any longer and use the snapshot function
* Fix: Exclude views from cloning and pushing
* Fix: Step switching logic does not work properly
* Fix: Don’t select network site tables when the main site is cloned
* Fix: Remove snapshot tables from the list of copyable tables
* Fix: Fix progress bar when certain steps are skipped
* Fix: Change german translation for REPORT ISSUE
* Fix: Create adapter for function sanitize_textarea_field to prevent fatal error on old WP version

Become a Pro


3.0.4 –  Release May, 14th 2020
* New: Support for WordPress 5.4.2
* New: Add nice looking modal after successful pushing
* New: Scroll to bottom if staging site is going to be deleted
* New: Ask for hosting provider in the contact form
* New: Ask for login credentials in the contact form
* New: Send debug.log after sending error report and user allows it
* New: Show tooltip for unfinished status
* New: Show license key in system info
* New: Improve license expiration notice
* New: Show warning if destination hostname does not contain a scheme
* New: Allow filtering of the staging site title
* New: Performance improvement. Disable creating back tables since as the new snapshot function is included
* Fix: Stop cloning and show an error message if the user tries to clone into the local database and is going to overwrite production tables
* Fix: Under certain circumstances, cloning is interrupted by a missing file exists check
* Fix: Make sure user can not add decimal points into search & replace settings
* Fix: Cluttered user interface. 1,2,3 steps elements are not shown correctly
* Fix: Allow special characters in the database password
* Fix: When a staging site is cloned remove orphaned listed staging sites
* Fix: Can not copy tables if the prefix is capitalized & has no underscore

3.0.3 – Release May, 01st 2020
* New: Support for WordPress 5.4.1
* Fix: Fatal error by using get_user_locale() in WordPress 4.7 and older
* Fix: Restoring a snapshot creates another snapshot with prefix wpstgmp_

3.0.2 – Release April, 08th 2020
* Fix: Preparing Data Step6 fails due to the latest change in WordPress 5.4. The previous fix did not solve this for external database cloning.

3.0.1 – Release April, 04th 2020
* Fix: Preparing Data Step6 fails due to latest change in WordPress 5.4
* Fix: Plugin can not be uninstalled on PHP 7.2 and later

3.0.0 – Release April 02th 2020
* New: Support for WordPress 5.4
* New: Snapshot function for backing up, exporting and restoring the databse
* New: Refactoring code to get more unit testable code
* New: User interface improvements
* Fix: Fatal error if user uses a custom date time format
* Fix: Fatal error if function curl_version() is not available

2.9.9 – Release January 22th 2020 
* Fix: If server is windows it will result in missing files after cloning and can lead to fatal errors of the staging site

2.9.8 – Release January 14th 2020
* Fix: Constant should be WPSTG_OPTIMIZER_MUVERSION in pro & free version
* Fix: Compatibility fix – wrong urls after using staging update function (affects free version only)

2.9.7 Release December 28th 2019
* New: Support for WordPress 5.3.2
* New: Add french language files
* New: Set 24 hours expiration date to process lock
* Fix: Add missing string language location
* Fix: Function fnmatch() not available in all systems
* Fix: Warning in staging site after initial cloning in db row rewrite_rules
* Fix: Wrong staging site is selected when delete function is executed and there are more then 10 staging sites
* Fix: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpstgpro_overwrite_nonce() and wpstg_overwrite_nonce() after activating pro version on top of this free one
* Fix: wpdb->prepare() warning after initial cloning
* Fix: Fatal error after push if plugin folder is wp-staging-1

= 2.9.6 =
* New: Supports WordPress 5.3
* New: Add WP Staging logo to login screen for easier getting where that login form is coming from
* New: REFACTORING of the file structure
* New: Link hostname URL in site listing
* Fix: Fatal error on search / replace function if there is an empty DateTime object in the database

= 2.9.5 Released November 5th 2019 =
* Fix: Images are broken after cloning #72
* Fix: Error message Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in wp-staging-pro/wp-staging-pro.php #71
* Fix: Wrong wp_user_level and wp_capabilties value after cloning multisite #69
* Fix: Timeout if huge tables are renamed #64
* Fix: Fatal error: Invalid serialization data for DateTime object #74 WPS-11

= 2.9.4 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.2.4
* Tweak: More clear description for changing auth user roles on staging site
* Fix: Download System Info File puts file name into single strokes
* Fix: Cloned tables are empty if the prefix is capitalized for multisites

= 2.9.3 Released 1st October 2019 =
* Fix: External links are broken after cloning if ABSPATH is equal to /www/
* Fix: use an alternative method for file_put_contents as it is not supported on all systems due to file permission issues
* Fix: Redundant and duplicated update comments in wp-config.php in staging site
* Fix: Error if wpstg_execute already exists on updating staging site
* Fix: Wrong UPLOAD constant in wp-config.php of staging site if server is IIS and cloned to external database

= 2.9.2 =
* New: Add hook “wpstg_clone_action_staging” to execute code on staging site after cloning
* New: Compatible to WordPress 5.2.3
* Fix: Can not collapse uploads dir in file selection menu
* Fix: Admin can not login to multisite staging site. Change base_prefix in _usermeta table

= 2.9.1 =
* Fix: Better compatibility with Windows IIS server
* Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘WPStaging\Backend\Pro\Licensing\stdClass’
* Fix: Do not copy web.config and .htaccess if website is cloned to a subdomain instead subfolder to prevent site-not-loading issues
* Fix: Do not stop cloning if folder exists and is empty
* Fix: If multisite is used make sure to copy over only the images folder beloning to the child network site e.g. wp-content/uploads/sites/2
* New: Add support for custom uploads folder if user customized UPLOADS constant or upload_path in DB
* New: Do not show update notifications for wp staging pro installed on the staging site
* New: Allow wildcards for excluding files
* Tweak: Better explanation that the pushing process must be started from the live site. Including link to production site!
* Tweak: Improve wordings for “saving permalink settings after pushing”
* Tweak: Improved support for custom uploads folder if user customized UPLOADS constant or upload_path in DB

= 2.9.0 Released July 24th, 2019 =
* New: Improve styling of the login form. Thanks to Andy Kennan (Screaming Frog)
* New: Add ‘password lost’ button to login form
* New: Improve styling of select all tables button
* New: Add new filter wpstg_cloning_target_dir
* New: Add new filter wpstg_cloning_target_hostname
* New: Add arguments for hook wpstg_cloning_complete
* New: Setup server environment variables per process and not globally (e.g. set_time_limit)
* Fix: Pushing a main multisite from an external database can result in preselected tables of child sites.
* Fix: Improve wordings
* Fix: Staging site could not be deleted even though the staging site folder is completely empty.
* Fix: Do not copy WP Staging Hooks plugin from staging to live to make sure to not overwrite its custom data
* Fix: Make sure WP Staging Hooks plugin keeps activated on the production site after pushing (If it exists and is active)
* Fix: PDO instances can not be serialized or unserialized
* Fix: New tables that do not already exist on the live site will not be transferred from staging site to production site
* Fix: Add UPLOAD constant to wp-config.php of staging site does not work under all circumstances for cloning multisites
* Fix: Can not update staging site DB table if there are constraints in it
* Fix: If custom destination dir is used it does not check if there are already files in the selected folder before cloning
* Fix: Improve deleting process
* Fix: Do not show error “Preparing Data Step3: Failed to update rewrite_rules in wpstg0_options”
* Fix: Change error “Table wpstgtmp_options does not exist” to warning

= 2.8.9 released July 08th, 2019 =
* Fix: Remove search & replace maximum value detection for cloning wp multisites

= 2.8.8 =
* Fix: Add filter wpstg_folder_permission to set custom folder permission like 0755, allows overwriting FS_CHMOD_DIR if it has been defined.
* Fix: Cloned multisite can not connect due to missing db credentials in wp-config.php
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.2.2

= 2.8.7 =
* Fix: Excluded folders under wp-content level are not taken into account on Microsoft IIS servers
* Fix: Error conditions in class Data do not compare type strict (== vs. ==) resulting in interruption of clone process
* Fix: Cloning a multisite to an external database results in broken images due to wrong upload path
* Fix: Disable foreign key check to prevent interuption of database duplication when foreign keys are used and db is cloned to external database
* Fix: Add filter wpstg_folder_permission to set a custom folder permission like 0755, allows to overwrite FS_CHMOD_DIR if it has been defined.
* New: Performance improvement for directory iterator using less server ressources
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.2.2

= 2.8.6 =
* Fix: Throw fatal error if selected target directory is the same as production website
* Fix: Can not copy database tables if mysql version on live and staging site is different and if one version is below mysql 5.6
* Fix: Make sure no whitespace characters are contained in beginning and end of the string target directory due to copy & paste issues
* Fix: Cloning a multisite to another database does not work as wp_users and wp_usermeta is not copied
* Tweak: Improve FAQ

= 2.8.5 =
* New: Update for WP 5.2.1
* New: Better warning notices before updating process is executed
* New: Better corporate identity and more friendly UI colors for staging sites listings and button
* New: Add tooltips for explaining navigation buttons
* Fix: Custom Database prefix is not stored and leads to empty table selection when trying to push
* Fix: Do not search & replace through “__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name” definitions
* Fix: Cloning to external database does not go to the end under certain circumstances
* Fix: Prevent wordfence firewall rule interrupting the clone deletion method
* Fix: Copy web.config when site is cloned to a custom destination directory and subdomain
* Fix: Remove whitespace from target hostname
* Fix: Can not detect and push staging site created with older version of wp staging and which contains capitalized clone name
* Fix: Can not push staging site that has whitespaces in its name
* Fix: Strip whitespaces in cloning site internal names

Version 2.8.4 – Released 11th May 2019

* New: Compatible to WordPress 5.2
* New: Allow adding file .wp-staging to root of the website to determine if it’s a staging or production website
* New: Show unfinished or interrupted clones and allow deletion of them
* Fix: Convert staging site table prefix to lowercase
* Fix: Links in certain db rows are not changed with search & replace method if in the same db row is a mail address available.

= 2.8.3 =
* Fix: WordFence firewall rule ‘local file inclusion’ blocks wp staging initial starting cloning sequence
* Fix: Values of form Extra directories to copy are ignored
* Fix: Excluding tables or folders at the delete process are ignored
* Fix: Multisite cloning misses the tables _users and _usermeta. No login possible
* New: Add filter wpstg_push_excluded_files to exclude certain files from pushing

= 2.8.2 =
* Fix: Check if posix_getpwuid exists before using it in system info log
* Fix: Undefined offset
* Fix: Improve compatibility for the care case where wp upload folder is the same as wp-content
* Security: Remove storing of old db paassword
* New: Do not change the upload folder structure for using multisites
* New: Add hooks that can be used to trigger external actions after cloning and pushing, see

= 2.8.1 =
* Fix: Lower the memory consumption when cloning scan process is started
* Fix: wp-content subfolders are excluded when cloning is started

= 2.8.0 =
* Tweak: Better database connection check
* Tweak: remove error message when siteurl and home url can not be replaced when it has been done already
* Fix: Lower the memory consumption when cloning scan process is started
* Fix: Disable the WP-Spamshield Plugin on staging site because it prevents login to staging site
* Fix: Does not copy .htaccess when site is cloned to external subdomain. Throwing warning notices.

= 2.7.9 =
* Fix: Update cron method throws fatal error

= 2.7.8 =
* New: Show update notifications in WP Staging User Interface
* New: Save folder and database table selection of the last push
* Fix: Cron job for checking plugin does not work properly

= 2.7.7 =
* New: Open system info log file directly via wp staging > tools
* New: Setting to preserve the permalink setting of the production site
* New: Tested for WordPress 5.1.1

* Fix: Search & Replace is not executed when staging site is located in separate database
* Fix: Prevent error message “can not find wpstgtmp_options” in data crunching step 10
* Fix: If multisite is installed in subdirectory, search & replace is not returning the correct siteurl and home
* Fix: Select All button for db tables not working in push menu
* Fix: If website is cloned to a custom directory let’s copy the .htaccess as it is assumed that the staging site is copied to a subdomain
* Fix: Create “Set Default” link to be able to take over the default target hostname and target directory in advanced settings
* Fix: Theme folder is excluded from pushing when its name is the same as the name of the staging site
* Clean Up: Move admin notices to new location /views/includes/notices

= 2.7.6 =
* New: Add Filter to exclude certain tables from search & replace operation
* New: Check if there is already one process running before executing the cloning process
* New: Show PHP user in system info
* New: Support up to WordPress 5.1

= 2.7.5 =
* New: Add new db table selection manager
* New: Allow selection of db tables which has no WP prefix
* Tweak: DB tables and file verification opened as default option
* Tweak: clean up search & replace method
* Fix: Continue cloning if siteurl & home in wp_options could not be changed

= 2.7.4 =
* Fix: wp-config is not copied to the staging site when site is cloned to external database and on multisites
* Fix: Log file folder does not have correct permission 0755
* Tweak: Better warning for update method
* Tweak: Add notice to save permalink settings after pushing
* New: Support search & replace over single or double stroke constants definitions in wp-config.php
* New: New faq entry (page not found error 404)
* New: Bedrock compatibility. Create default wp-config.php if original wp-config is not in the default path

= 2.7.3 =
* Fix: Make sure that active user is not logged out while pushing the staging site
* Fix: Stop delete process if staging site has been deleted manually before
* Fix: Plugin not translated properly

= 2.7.2 =
* Fix: If backslash is contained in password of external database then the pushing fails
* Fix: Improve search & replace parameter for url’s
* New: Explain the target directory
* New: Remove folder Library and move class Browser to Utils

= 2.7.1 =
* New: Better word of possible consequences before pushing for woocommerce owners
* New: Add FAQ to footer

= 2.7.0 =
* New: Tested up to WordPress 5.0.3 Gutenberg
* New: Skip table columns with more than 5MB for search & replace operations to inmprove performance

= 2.6.9 =
* Fix: WP Staging does not run with old WordPress version 3.2

= 2.6.8 =
* New: Tested up to WordPress 5.0.2 Gutenberg
* Fix: Error no such file in systeminfo
* Fix: Prevent throwing error when table prefix of table usermeta can not be changed
* Fix: If backslash is contained in password of external database then the processing fails
* Fix: Pushing interrupts if password of current user is different on staging and live site

= 2.6.7 =
* Fix: Can not login to staging site . Changed minimum user capability to ‘manage_options’ instead ‘administrator’ ´

= 2.6.6 =
* New: Tested up to WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg
* New: Tested up to WordPress 5.0.1 Gutenberg
* New: Check if WordPress version number of staging and production site is identical before pushing
* New: Show WP version of staging site in the sysinfo log
* Fix: Make sure optimizer must-use plugin is updated as well after updating the main plugin
* Fix: When custom upload_path is used upload path is broken after pushing
* Fix: Security, prevent downloading wp staging log files by third party users from uploads folder

= 2.6.5 =
* SKIP *

= 2.6.4 =
* New: Support for custom and non-default wp-content and uploads folder
* Fix: Redirect to the correct url after log in to staging site
* Fix: Supports HTML entities in links created by WP Backery Page Builder Plugin
* Fix: Error 500 on some systems when files are collected and plugin iterates through the directories

= 2.6.3 =
* Fix: WP Staging plugin not excluded from being pushed
* Fix: Updating staging site does not exclude Windows IIS configuration file web.config
* Fix: Cloning to external db: custom prefix is ignored

= 2.6.2 =
* Fix: Media links are not correct after push if site is in subfolder

= 2.6.1 =
* New: Allow cloning to external database
* New: Allow cloning to a custom hostname like a subdomain
* New: Allow cloning to a custom destination folder

= 2.6.0 =
* New: Increase file scanning process performance
* New: Add delay between requests setting to prevent timeouts on rate limited servers
* New: Try again automatically cloning process if ajax request has been killed due to server ressource limit error

* Fix: remove ? parameter from staging site
* Fix: Do not load theme while WP Staging is running. Prevents processing interruption if there are fatal errors in the theme
* Fix: Missing debugging variable in preserve options array
* Fix: Error when removing heartbeat api
* Fix: If wp_options is excluded from pushing it will throw a fatal error
* Fix: When cloning has been canceled page needs to be reloaded before beeing able to clone again
* Fix: Windows IIS server compatibilility issues resolved
* Fix: Directory iterating is exceading php maximum execution time
* Fix: Prevent error 503 (firewall/performance timeout) by adding post parameter to the ajax url
* Fix: Adding automatic resume function to the ajax processing to prevent cloning and pushing interruptions due to hitting server ressource or network glitches.
* Fix: Selected folders are not excluded under Windows IIS server

= 2.5.9 =
* Fix: Do not delete staging site if listed site has no table prefix
* Fix: Requirements Check not working as intended
* Fix: Prevent multiple copy of wp_user and wp_user meta on multisite cloning
* New: New filter for adding custom tables to exclude from pushing

= 2.5.8 =
* New: Allow Cloning to separate database (not ready, yet)
* New: Support for wp-config.php located in one level up of the root folder for multisites
* New: Allow exclusion of custom options from wp_options from beeing pushed
* New: Make sure Optimizer is installed and activated
* Tweak: Better looking UI elements

= 2.5.7 =
* Fix: Some of the excluded files from copying process were ignored
* Fix: Do not clone db.php, object-cache.php and advanced-cache.php
* Fix: Show error message if ajax requests fail for any reason
* New: Allow search & replace of url encoded links like (Used by visual composer)
* New: Set WP_CACHE to false in wp-config.php after cloning to prevent log in issues to staging site
* New: Compatibility mode to skip certain tables from third party plugins from beeing searched & replaced

= 2.5.6 =
* Fix: Images are copied into wrong location after pushing multisites.
* Fix: WP Staging job file not excluded from pushing process leads to wrong or incomplete list of files to push

= 2.5.5 =
* Fix: Different scheme of siteurl and home leads to non available staging site. Show admin notice to ask user to fix that first before creating a staging site
* Fix: Multisites not pushed 100% correct
* New: Support for multisite blogs.dir structure for WordPress 3.5 and lower
* New: Show error if there is not enough free diskspace
* New: Better looking admin notices
* New: Show admin notice if php version and wordpress version do not meet requirements.
* New: Add resume function
* New: Add italian translation

= 2.5.4 =
* Fix: Remove heartbeat only on wp staging admin pages
* Fix: WordPress custom upload path variable upload_path could be wrong after cloning
* Fix: Increase maximum allowed memory consumption
* Tweak: Increase cloning performance

= 2.5.3 =
* Fix: Add version number to css and js files to prevent caching issues
* Fix: Search % Replace during pushing does not replace escaped path delimiters like \/
* Fix: Wrong text domain in a few language strings
* Fix: Optimizer mu-plugin not installed all the time
* Fix: Language files not loaded correctly

= 2.5.2 =
* New: Compatible to WordPress 4.9.8
* New: Support for Windows Azure cloud servers
* New: Add filter to exclude strings from search & replace, docs:
* New: Add filter to change search & replace parameters
* New: Add language files and change text domain to slug of the plugin
* New: Enable Optimizer as default option
* New: Disable heartbeat api and user login check for wp staging processing
* Fix: Missing http(s) scheme after cloning multisites results in not working clones
* Fix: Folder permission notice is shown because wrong home path is detected

= 2.5.1 =
* New: Compatible to WordPress 4.9.7
* Fix: Remove term ‘Error’ from login page
* New: Better error reporting
* New: Detect if wp-config.php has been moved one folder level up
* New: Login options not needed any more – removed

= 2.5.0 =
* Fix: Empty error message in log
* Fix: Do not search & replace mail addresses
* New: Add more details into the system info log

= 2.4.9 =
* New: Supports WordPress 4.9.7
* Fix: Search & Replace not working if serialized object contains __PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name
* Fix: Search & replace path not correct if scheme http/https is not identical in wp-config and db wp_options

= 2.4.8 =
* Fix: Search & Replace not working if serialized object contains __PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name

= 2.4.7 =

* Fix: Can not open upload folder in file selection menu
* Fix: Ignore url scheme (http/https) when using search & replace on url paths
* Fix: wp-config.php not copied when previous clone updating process has been failed
* Fix: Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Callable
* Fix: Skip search & replace for objects where key is null
* Tweak: Remove certain debugging notices from the default log window

= 2.4.6 =
* Security: Do not allow to create a new staging site into a subfolder which already exists
* Tweaks: Move confirmation dialog for update function after file & db table exclusion interface
* Tweaks: If site to clone is a multisite main site allow the selection of all relevant tables and exclude multisite child tables prefixed with wp_1_, wp_2_ and so on
* Tweaks: remove term “error” from several log entries
* Fix: Excluded folders are still copied while using push function
* Fix: Progress bar for step ‘database’ is not filling up to 100%
* Fix: If cloning update process is interrupted it may happen that staging site is not available any longer. (Updating the clone does not copy index.php to staging site again)
* Fix: Progress bar not shown as intended for clone updating process
* New: Use the new progress bar for clone updating process
* New: Option to allow adjustment of the allowed maximum size of files that are going to be copied while cloning.

= 2.4.5 =
* New: Support for WordPress 4.9.6
* New: Add new setting to specify the maximum file size to copy
* Fix: Missing trailingslash results to wrong absolute paths in database after Search & Replace operation

= 2.4.4 =
* New: Support for custom upload folder. For instance, if upload folder has been renamed and removed outsite wp-content folder
* New: Add cloning / updated date time to list of staging sites
* New: Add filter ‘wpstg_filter_options_replace’ to exclude certain tables from updating while cloning
* New: Exclude tables for plugin wp_mail_smtp
* New: Add filter ‘wpstg_fiter_search_replace_rows’ to exclude certain tables from search & replace
* New: Supports search & replace for revslider image slider and several visual editors which are using non default serialized data
* New: Add new setting which allow to specify the search & replace processing query limit
* Fix: Do not stop pushing process if there are duplicate entries
* Fix: Folder not copied if it begins with same name like excluded one e.g. upload vs. upload_new

= 2.4.3 =
* Fix: If wp_options HOME is empty the pushing process interrupts
* Fix: Serialize replace is not working properly for serialized strings

= 2.4.2 =
* Fix: All methods should be private in class SearchReplace
* Fix: Stop cloning if wp_usermeta or wp_options can not be adapted
* Fix: If live site is in subfolder and staging site has been created in subfolder on same level the push process is not working
* Fix: PHP 7.2 is not countable warning
* Fix: PHP 7.2 can not replace data in objects when object is incomplete (__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name)
* Fix: Fatal error due to high memory consumption
* New: Link to support section

= 2.4.1 =
* Fix: Under certain circumstances it might happen that Search Engine Visibility is disabled on the live site after pushing staging site.

IMPORTANT: Check your website. Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility and make sure that the checkbox is unticked

* Fix: If WPML is used the live site is not reachable
* New: Use fully custom login form to prevent access denied issues on sites where access to wp-login.php is denied or redirection plugins are used

= 2.4.0 =
* Fix: If PHP 5.6.34 is used, the pushing process is not executing all necessary data replacement steps

= 2.3.9 =
* New: Compatible up to WP 4.9.5
* New: Allow to select and copy extra folders that are on the root level
* Tweak: Change WP_HOME or WP_SITEURL constants if they are defined in wp-config.php of staging site
* Tweak: Only wp root folders are pre selected before cloning is starting
* Fix: Incorrect login path to staging site if WordPress is installed in subdirectory
* Fix: Cloning process terminats if no tables are selected
* Fix: Login url is wrong if WP is installed in subfolder
* Fix: Do not interrupt cloning process if there is a sql error ‘duplicate table’
* Fix: WP Staging Pro plugin is not copied to staging site initially if wp staging free plugin has been excluded. Resulting in broken staging site

= 2.3.8 =
* New: Replace even hardcoded links and server path by using search & replace through all staging site database tables
* New: New and improved progress bar with elapsed time
* New: Compatible to WP 4.9.5
* Fix: Cancel cloning does not clean up unused tables and leads to duplicate tables
* Fix: Login url wrong if wp is installed in subfolder
* Tweak: Better error messages
* Tweak: Open staging site in same window from login request

= 2.3.7 =
* New: Option to set Custom Login Link if there is one
* New: Set meta noindex for staging site to make it non indexable for search engines
* New: Better multiple folder selection. Allows to unselect a parent folder without collapsing all child folders
* New: Sorted list of folders to copy
* New: Add more sys info elements under tools section
* Fix: Can not login to staging site if plugin All In One WP Security & Firewall is used
* Fix: Staging site not reachable because permalinks are not disabled under certain conditions
* Fix: Change default login link to wp-admin
* Fix: Unneccessary duplicates of wpstg tables in db

= 2.3.6 =
* Fix: Better finishing message
* Fix: Old staging site is not listed and pushing is not working properly when plugin is updated from wp staging version 1.6 and lower
* Fix: Undefined property: stdClass::$totalFileSize

= 2.3.5 =
* Fix: Minnor code issues
* Fix: Skip directory listings for symlinks

= 2.3.4 =
* Fix: License menu not shown if db option wpstg_is_staging_site === ‘false’
* Fix: Missing files from the staging folder /wp-content/uploads after migration

= 2.3.3 =
* Fix: Ignored selection “none selected tables” instead all of them are copied

= 2.3.2 =
* Fix: Get notice that operation is not allowed on live site
* Fix: Updating process failed with unknown error

= 2.3.1 =
* Fix: mod_security option is preventing cloning execution

= 2.3.0 =
* New: Remove setting “wordpress in subdir” and detects it automatically
* Fix: If WordPress is in subdir installed, siteurl & home is wrong after pushing process
* Fix: Missing table if table name contains two occurance of the table prefix e.g. wp_affiliate_wp_affiliates

= 2.2.9 =
* New: Search & Replace absolute path
* Fix: High memory consumption leads to timeouts

= 2.2.8 =
* New: Keep permalink structure of live site when migrating from staging site
* Tweak: Increase performance of pushing process by factor 3
* Fix: Hide db table and folder selection when pushing process starts
* Fix: Set permalink to default after updating clone
* Fix: Prevent user session expiration after pushing from live site
* Fix: Undefined property userRoles
* Tweak: Revert to previous loader.gif
* Tweak: Skip files collecting for excluded folders
* Tweak: Do not show license screen on staging site
* Tweak: Do not show lists of staging sites on staging sites

= 2.2.7 =
* New: Allow migrating of database
* Fix: Skipping files leads to interrupted pushing process

= 2.2.6 =
* Tweak: Return more human readable error notices
* Fix: Cloning process stops due to file permission issue
* Fix: Exclude WP Super Cache from copying process because of bug in WP Super Cache, see
* New: Tested up to WP 4.9.2

= 2.2.5 =
* New: Allow pushing media folder wp-content/uploads
* Tweak: Throw error if there is not enough disk space for creating a cloning site

= 2.2.4 =
* New: increased speed for cloning process by factor 5, using new method of file agregation
* New: Skip files larger than 8MB
* Fix: Can not create clone If there is no php memory limit (-1)

= 2.2.3 =
* Fix: Additional checks to ensure that the root path is never deleted

= 2.2.2 =
* Fix: False error: can not push “live prefix table is same as staging table prefix”
* Fix: “Fatal error – The clone does not exist in database. This should not happen.”
* Fix: Not all files are pushed from staging to live site
* New: Tested up to WordPress 4.9

= 2.2.1 =
* Fix: Link to the staging site is missing a slash if WordPress is installed in subdir
* Fix: Missing files in clone site if copy file limit is higher than 1

= 2.2.0 =
* Fix: Cloning a new site results in [undefined]
* Fix: Show all tables from the tables selection dialogue and use default selection for correct tables
* Fix: If clone has been created with an older wp staging version its not possible to use the update function
* Fix: File Copy Limit settings default value is 1 now, which prevents some cases where not all files were copied over
* Fix: Missing files in clone site if copy file limit is higher than 1
* Tweak: Remove table wpstg_rmpermalinks_executed when plugin is uninstalled

= 2.1.9 =
* New: Allow selection of db tables with wpstg_ prefix in the table selection dialog
* Fix: Deleting process throws timout issues and php notices
* Fix: Link to staging site is undefined when staging name contains space characters
* Fix: If file copy limit is lower than 500, not all files are copied in all cases
* Fix: Increase file copy performance
* Fix: Cloning update function created new staging tables everytime it is run

= 2.1.8 =
* New: Allow deactivation of Optimizer plugin
* Fix. Update clone not working

= 2.1.7 =
* Fix: Sanitize Clone Names and Keys to fix “clone not found” issue
* Fix: New file clone limit of 10 files per batch to fix godaddy ajax 404 issues

= 2.1.6 =
* Fix: Remove LOCK_EX parameter in file_put_contents(). LOCK_EX is not working on several systems which results in cloning process timeouts
* Fix: Limit maximum execution time to 30 seconds
* New: New setting to specify the maximum amount of files copied within one ajax call
* Fix: Error 500 when debug mode is activated

= 2.1.5 =
* Fix: Remove test string from staging site
* Fix: Huge Performance improvement in copying process by removing duplicate file entries in the cache file. This also prevents weird timeout issues on some hosted websites

= 2.1.4 =
* Testing: resetMemory() not allowed
* New: Add link to tutorial how to push changes to live site

= 2.1.3 =
* Fix: Can not login to staging site

= 2.1.2 =
* New: Exclude unneccessary files from cloning process: .tmp, .log, .htaccess, .git, .gitignore, desktop.ini, .DS_Store, .svn
* New: More details for debugging in Tools->System Info
* Fix: Check if tables in staging site exists before attempting to modify them
* Fix: WordPress in sub directories were not opening
* Fix: Nonce check not working if nonce life time is filtered by another plugin WP Bug:
* Fix: Access to staging site not working, if WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME is defined in wp-config.php
* Tweak: Exclude wp-content/cache folder from copying process

= 2.1.1 =
* Fix: Fatal error causing blank screen

= 2.1.0 =
* Fix: Frontpage not available without login

= 2.0.9 =
* New: Select which user role is able to access the staging site
* Fix: After update from wpstg 1.6.x to 2.x previous settings were not imported resulting in cancellation of cloning process

= 2.0.8 =
* Fix: css file are not loaded on wpstg admin screen

= 2.0.7 =
* Fix: Fatal error when some db tables are excluded
* Fix: Automatic update function not working

= 2.0.6 =
* Fix: Cancel Cloning button not working
* Fix: Limit max execution time to a maximum of 30sec to prevent high memory consumption and script timeouts

= 2.0.5 =
* Tweak: Improve deletion method
* Fix: Activation hook not running

= 2.0.4 =
* New: Installation of must use plugin to exclude other plugins from execution while wpstg is running and cloning website

= 2.0.3 =
* New: Complete rewrite of the code base
* New: Batch processing allows to clone even huge sites without any timeouts
* New: Preparation for WP QUADS PRO with ability to copy file changes back to live site

= 1.1.6 =
* New: Add download link to WP Staging Beta Version 2.0.1

= 1.1.5 =
* Fix: Admin notice is throwing a false positive write permission error
* New: Move log folder to wp-content/uploads/wp-staging/logs
* New: Tested up to WP 4.7.3

= 1.1.4 =
* Fix: Fatal error Unsupported operand types

= 1.1.3 =
* New: Tested up to wp 4.7.2
* Fix: Arrows in drop down for folder selection are distorted
* Tweak: Show working log as default to make debugging easier

= 1.1.2 =
* Fix: Settings are not deleted when plugin is removed
* Fix: Staging site is available for non administrators

= 1.1.1 =
* Fix: Change rating url

= 1.1.0 =
* New: Tested up to WP 4.6
* New: Create a poll and ask what feature is most required

= 1.0.9 =
* Fix: Undefined WPSTG() warning
* Fix: Change compatibility version to wp 4.5.3

= 1.0.8 =
* Tested up to WP 4.5.2

= 1.0.7 =
* Fix: Activation hook is not fired and staging site is not working properly
* Performance: Increase default query copy limit to 1000

= 1.0.6 =
* Fix: Uninstalling plugin throwing error
* Fix: Error permission admin notice although permission issues are correct

= 1.0.5 =
* New: Tested up to WP 4.5
* Fix: Download system log not working
* Fix: Click on Optimizer “Select all | none | invert” links leads to jumping
* Tweak: Make clear that unselecting a checkbox will exlude table or file from copy process
* Tweak: Remove unnecessary text
* Tweak: Change beta notice in dashboard. WP Staging is stable
* Tweak: Change twitter handle to @wpstg

= 1.0.3 =
* Fix: Missing const MASHFS_VERSION
* Fix: Remove error “table XY has been created, BUT inserting rows failed.”
* Fix: Not tested up to 4.4.2 message shown although it’s tested up to WP 4.4.2
* New: Disable either free or pro version and does not allow to have both version enabled at the same time

= 1.0.2 =
* Tweak: Change setting description of uninstall option
* Tweak: Lower tags in readme.txt

= 1.0.1 =
* New: Orange colored admin bar on staging site for better visualization and comparision between production live site and staging site
* Tweak: Remove contact link on multisite notification

= 1.0.0 =
* Fix: Do not follow symlinks during file copy process
* Fix: css error
* Fix: Show “not-compatible” notice only when blog version is higher than plugin tested version.
* Fix: undefined var $size
* Fix: Check if $path is null before writing to remaining_files.json
* Fix: $db_helper undefined message
* Fix: Skip non utf8 encoded files during copying process

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